"At Home"


A preset pack that feels like home- cozy, familiar, and slightly nostalgic.


Ten presets are included in this pack, each with slightly different tones and lighting adjustments. Use these presets on in-home newborn sessions, natural light studio sessions, and even Fresh 48 and birth photography.


01 - Balanced

02 - Bright

03 - Bold

04 - Film

05 - Fresh

06 - Golden

07 - Muted

08 - Moody

09 - Nostalgic

10 - Peachy



*These presets are in XMP format and are intended for Lightroom or Lightroom Classic.  These are not mobile presets.

Each preset has cohesive tones reminiscent of that feeling of home, yet suits a different style of editing.  Whether you edit bold, moody, bright, etc., there's a preset that will work for you.





Jessica Craig

I created “At Home” presets out of need for presets that are specific to indoor newborn lifestyle use.  The “At Home” pack is my first pack to be released. Each preset speaks to my personal style, which is slightly warm, dreamy, and nostalgic. My hope is that these presets will elevate your newborn lifestyle photos.


REgularly $47- Sale ends Soon

Laura S

“These are sooo beautiful for indoor photography! I used them on a Fresh 48 session and they gave me all of the dreamy, nostalgic vibes you could ever want. Definitely a must add to your preset collection!”

Jamie R

"I almost gave up on indoor newborn sessions because I couldn't seem to get the lighting right.  These presets have helped me overcome my hurdle with indoor light, and my clients have loved my edits when I use these presets as my base."

erika T

"I'm obsessed with these vintage tones!" Film & golden are my personal go-tos"